“Petopentia natalensis” – yellow leaves

“Petopentia natalensis” by Botany Notes, Autumn 2018

Their leaves are turning to yellow and falling.
They don’t like coldness, so already are going dormant.

They are 2 years old, seedlings.
This winter will be their third one.
See you next year.

2 Replies to ““Petopentia natalensis” – yellow leaves”

  1. My natalensis is loosing her leaves but she stands indoor so it’s not because it’s cold. What can be the reason? I se that there’s some white stuff on the plant, is thuis moult?


    1. Is she still going dormant? My ones go dormant inside too. I can’t see your stuff so I don’t know but sap of the plant is white. Did it dried out there? Hope it’s not an insect or mould.


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