“Dioscorea Sylvatica” - Waking up…

Last year, I sowed seeds of “Dioscorea Sylvatica” and was growing the seedlings for my first time.

In the winter, when the leaves turned to yellow and went dormant, I digged in the pot. I was really surprised because my “Dioscorea Sylvatica” produced many potatos in the soil like normal potatos (as we eat)!

I have had “Dioscorea elephantipes” for a few years but never seen like that before.

I cut some small potatos indivisually, but kept 3 potatos connected together. And I buried them in soil to sleep during the winter. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do…

In June 2019, I found this today.

“Dioscorea Sylvatica” by Botany Notes, 2019

New leaf is coming like this and it’s very strange to me.

Again, I don’t know what to do about this… so I planted it as it is. haha.

“Dioscorea Sylvatica” by Botany Notes, 2019

I’m very looking forward to seeing how it grows this summer!!!

“Pelargonium Aridum” – Flowering

I found this yesterday… ♡

It’s my first time to see the flower.

“Pelargonium Aridum” 2019 by BN

“Pelargonium Aridum” 2019 by BN

Last November, someone ate all its root!!! This happaned to the plant. ↓

“Pelargonium Aridum” 2018 by BN

“Pelargonium Aridum” 2018 by BN

So it was a really good surprise to me!

The flowering made me very happy.

New leaves! – “Dischidia nummularia”

In early winter 2018, I fell in love with “Dischidia nummularia” and I bought one which was in a hangling basket. When I recieved it, it wasn’t in great codition. So I really wanted to make it healthier and well.

However, I couldn’t get it right. I didn’t know anything. It wasn’t similar to any other plants I have.

I failed, and it got smaller and smaller during this winter. 😢

Finally, spring has come…

“Dischidia nummularia”, 4.2019 by Botany Notes

“Dischidia nummularia”, 4.2019 by Botany Notes

They are growing so much now!

I am thinking they just don’t grow in winter as much as the other house plants?

Maybe, I didn’t need to do anything? What I could do was just waiting for spring?

I never know.

I will find out more beside them.

Spring – “Maigold Rose”

I was thinking my Maigold would start blooming when I was on holiday.

Yes I was right!

“MaiGold”, 2019 by Botany Notes

We found this when we came back.

Big thanks to my little neighbour friend who was watering my roses during my absence!

Spring – new leaves

Peperomia “Hope”, 2.2019 by BN

Hoya Mathilde Splash, 2.2019 by BN

It’s still in February but they are pretty active and producing new leaves.

They make me so happy!

Most of my plant friends are still asleep. 😴

Spring flowers in London

I like going for running or walking around when I have time.

Recently it’s pretty warm in day time and I’m actually be able to feel Spring in London.

I’m sure that the feeling makes everyone happy!

Feel something…

Cambridge University Botanic Garden, 2.1.2019 by BN

Cambridge University Botanic Garden, 2.1.2019 by BN

Cambridge University Botanic Garden, 2.1.2019 by BN

I like visiting places where have some green.

I have been taking him everywhere I visited since he was born.

I don’t know how much he likes plants but am hoping that he feels something, like something nice… warm…

Happy New Year 2019

Bird’s nest, 1.1.2019 by BN

Happy new year to you all.

Have a wonderful year and happy growing in 2019.


I went to run this morning and found a bird’s nest in the cold sky.

“Pelargonium Aridum”

“Pelargonium Aridum” by BN, 2018

[Family] : Geraniaceae

[Origin] : South Africa

[Water] : early February to late April, then from early August to late November
Keep completely dry in summer and rather dry winter

[Frost Tolerance] : +8° C

[Sun] : Light shade

[Flower]: Cream yellow

[Reproduction]: seeds, stem cuttings

I really like the shape of leaves.

They are like fireworks.

It’s time to be active in Autumn.

I’m looking forward to seeing more leaves.

“Discorea Elephantipes”

“Discorea elephantipes” by Botany Notes, 2018

“Discorea elephantipes” by Botany Notes, 2018

“Discorea elephantipes” by Botany Notes, 2018

It just woke up from its dormancy. It’s 2 years old and started being wrinkly!