“Adenium Obesum (アデニウム・オデスム/砂漠のバラ)” – gernimation – seedling

Germination of “Adenium Obesum”by BN, 2018

Sowing : 26. March. 2018

Rooting : 30. March. 2018

[Notes] Medium – well drained cactus soil / electric propergator (about 30c)

It was very easy and quick to germinate. It also so quick to grow as well. After germination, I took them out from the electric propergator and put them in a nomal propergator.

“Adenium Obesum” by BN, 2018
“Adenium Obesum” by BN, 2018
Seedlings of “Adenium Obesum” by BN, 2018

(備考) 今回は、アデニウム・オデスムの “Sunday” と ”Mango” という種類の種を蒔きましたが、このあとで、”Black widow” という種類のAdenium Obesumの種を蒔きました。この種類も、発芽&成長も早く、30度くらいの温度と湿度が確保できれば、発芽はかなりスムーズにいくような印象でした。