“Petopentia natalensis” – yellow leaves

“Petopentia natalensis” by Botany Notes, Autumn 2018

Their leaves are turning to yellow and falling.
They don’t like coldness, so already are going dormant.

They are 2 years old, seedlings.
This winter will be their third one.
See you next year.


“Uncarina Roeoesliana” in Autumn

“Uncarina Roeoesliana” by BotanyNotes, 2018
“Uncarina Roeoesliana” by BotanyNotes, 2018

Family: Pedaliaceae
Genus: Uncarina
Origin: Madagascar
Sun: full

The seed does not germinate easily. My seeds germinated 2 out of 10.
It’s difficult to propergate by cuttings either.
However, it’s quite easy to care once it germinates.

My Uncarina Roeoesliana is slowing down and doesn’t take water so much, and seems going to sleep soon.