“Kedrostis Africana”- fruits

“Kedrostis Africana” by Botany Notes, 2018
“Kedrostis Africana” by Botany Notes, 2018

This is a fruit of my seedling of “Kedrostis Africana”, 1 year old (It’s the second Autumn, 2018). It has produced some fruits for first time. It had tiny green/yellow flowers in Summer.

All leaves are yellow and going dormant.

“Discorea Elephantipes”

“Discorea elephantipes” by Botany Notes, 2018
“Discorea elephantipes” by Botany Notes, 2018
“Discorea elephantipes” by Botany Notes, 2018

It just woke up from its dormancy. It’s 2 years old and started being wrinkly!

“Zehneria Scabra (ゼネリア・スカブラ)”

“Zehneria Scabra” by BN, 2018


“Zehneria Scabra” by BN, 2018
“Zehneria Scabra” by BN, 2018
“Zehneria Scabra” by BN, 2018
“Zehneria Scabra” by BN, 2018


I sowed the seeds on 7.May and these photos were taken in July.

They have grown so quickly.

Avoiding full sun and they love water in Summer.

It’s an edible fruit!

“Delonix decaryi (デロニクス・デカリー)” – Just woke up

“Delonix decaryi” by BN, 2018
“Delonix decaryi” by BN, 2018

It’s my 1 year old seedling. Just woke up from darmoncy.

[Family] : Fabaceae (Leguminosae)

[Origin] : Coastal southern and southwestern Madagascar

[ノート] マメ科デロニクス属に属す植物。夏の間は水を好むので、日向で管理しながら、水やりをしています。こちらは昨年実生した苗ですが、成長は早くたくさん葉をつけたものの、秋になると葉が黄色くなり落葉し冬眠しました。今年の春4月中旬くらいから外で管理していますが、冬眠から覚めたのは6月末くらいで、同じく冬眠していた他の植物に比べたらかなり遅めでした。

“Dioscorea Sylvatica (ディオスコレア・シルバチカ)” – germination – Seedling

Seeds of “Dioscorea Sylvatica” by BN, 2018

Sowing : 25. May. 2018

Rooting : about 1 week

[Notes] medium – vermiculite, water in propagator / room temperature (about 22c) / germination rate: 80%

It’s my first time to sow “Dioscorea Sylvatica”. I have sowed “Dioscore Elephantipes” a few times in the past. It normally takes for 2 months to get germinated so it was a good surprise!

Germination of “Dioscorea Sylvatica”, by BN, 2018
The first leaf of “Dioscorea Sylvatica” by BN, 2018

(備考) ディオスコレア・シルバチカは、亀甲竜の葉を少し細長くしたような形をした葉をつけています。種も見た目はあまり変わらないように思いました。ただ、発芽のスピードが格段に早くてびっくりしました。これは、種類が違うからなのか、今回入手した種がたまたまそうだったのか、真相はわかりません。