“Dioscorea Sylvatica” - Waking up…

Last year, I sowed seeds of “Dioscorea Sylvatica” and was growing the seedlings for my first time.

In the winter, when the leaves turned to yellow and went dormant, I digged in the pot. I was really surprised because my “Dioscorea Sylvatica” produced many potatos in the soil like normal potatos (as we eat)!

I have had “Dioscorea elephantipes” for a few years but never seen like that before.

I cut some small potatos indivisually, but kept 3 potatos connected together. And I buried them in soil to sleep during the winter. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do…

In June 2019, I found this today.

“Dioscorea Sylvatica” by Botany Notes, 2019

New leaf is coming like this and it’s very strange to me.

Again, I don’t know what to do about this… so I planted it as it is. haha.

“Dioscorea Sylvatica” by Botany Notes, 2019

I’m very looking forward to seeing how it grows this summer!!!

“Dioscorea Sylvatica (ディオスコレア・シルバチカ)” – germination – Seedling

Seeds of “Dioscorea Sylvatica” by BN, 2018

Sowing : 25. May. 2018

Rooting : about 1 week

[Notes] medium – vermiculite, water in propagator / room temperature (about 22c) / germination rate: 80%

It’s my first time to sow “Dioscorea Sylvatica”. I have sowed “Dioscore Elephantipes” a few times in the past. It normally takes for 2 months to get germinated so it was a good surprise!

Germination of “Dioscorea Sylvatica”, by BN, 2018

The first leaf of “Dioscorea Sylvatica” by BN, 2018

(備考) ディオスコレア・シルバチカは、亀甲竜の葉を少し細長くしたような形をした葉をつけています。種も見た目はあまり変わらないように思いました。ただ、発芽のスピードが格段に早くてびっくりしました。これは、種類が違うからなのか、今回入手した種がたまたまそうだったのか、真相はわかりません。