“Uncarina Roeoesliana” in Autumn

“Uncarina Roeoesliana” by BotanyNotes, 2018
“Uncarina Roeoesliana” by BotanyNotes, 2018

Family: Pedaliaceae
Genus: Uncarina
Origin: Madagascar
Sun: full

The seed does not germinate easily. My seeds germinated 2 out of 10.
It’s difficult to propergate by cuttings either.
However, it’s quite easy to care once it germinates.

My Uncarina Roeoesliana is slowing down and doesn’t take water so much, and seems going to sleep soon.

“Dioscorea Sylvatica (ディオスコレア・シルバチカ)” – germination – Seedling

Seeds of “Dioscorea Sylvatica” by BN, 2018

Sowing : 25. May. 2018

Rooting : about 1 week

[Notes] medium – vermiculite, water in propagator / room temperature (about 22c) / germination rate: 80%

It’s my first time to sow “Dioscorea Sylvatica”. I have sowed “Dioscore Elephantipes” a few times in the past. It normally takes for 2 months to get germinated so it was a good surprise!

Germination of “Dioscorea Sylvatica”, by BN, 2018
The first leaf of “Dioscorea Sylvatica” by BN, 2018

(備考) ディオスコレア・シルバチカは、亀甲竜の葉を少し細長くしたような形をした葉をつけています。種も見た目はあまり変わらないように思いました。ただ、発芽のスピードが格段に早くてびっくりしました。これは、種類が違うからなのか、今回入手した種がたまたまそうだったのか、真相はわかりません。

“Adenium Obesum (アデニウム・オデスム/砂漠のバラ)” – gernimation – seedling

Germination of “Adenium Obesum”by BN, 2018

Sowing : 26. March. 2018

Rooting : 30. March. 2018

[Notes] Medium – well drained cactus soil / electric propergator (about 30c)

It was very easy and quick to germinate. It also so quick to grow as well. After germination, I took them out from the electric propergator and put them in a nomal propergator.

“Adenium Obesum” by BN, 2018
“Adenium Obesum” by BN, 2018
Seedlings of “Adenium Obesum” by BN, 2018

(備考) 今回は、アデニウム・オデスムの “Sunday” と ”Mango” という種類の種を蒔きましたが、このあとで、”Black widow” という種類のAdenium Obesumの種を蒔きました。この種類も、発芽&成長も早く、30度くらいの温度と湿度が確保できれば、発芽はかなりスムーズにいくような印象でした。

“Pachypodium Eburneum (パキポディウム・エブルネウム)” – germination – seedling

“Pachypodium Eburneum” by BN, 06.04.2018

Sowing : 2. April. 2018

Rooting : 5. April. 2018

[Notes] Seed soaking for 24 hours / germinated in electric propagator / about 30℃ / well drained soil / Seedling 4 out of 5

Family : Apocynaceae

Origin : Madagascar

Altitude range : 1500 – 1999 metres above sea level

“Pachypodium Eburneum” by BN, 08.05.2018

(備考) パキポディウム・エブルネウムはキョウチクトウ科パキポディウム属の植物です。